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First year of course: 2018/19
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Code Full title Type Info
PACORSOC Advanced Diploma in Professional Development in Corporate Soci... Postgraduate
PAEMLAPR Advanced Diploma in Professional Development in Employment Law... Postgraduate
PAPUPRPA Advanced Diploma in Professional Development in Public-Private... Postgraduate
PBBUSADM Master of Business Administration (Executive) Postgraduate
PBMBAARC Master of Business Administration (Architecture) Postgraduate
PBMBAARM Master of Business Administration (Arts Management) Postgraduate
PBMBABUP Master of Business Administration (Business Psychology) Postgraduate
PBMBACYS Master of Business Administration (Cyber Security) Postgraduate
PBMBADAA Master of Business Administration (Data Analytics) Postgraduate
PBMBAISF Master of Business Administration (Islamic Finance) Postgraduate
PBMBALSC Master of Business Administration (Life Sciences) Postgraduate
PBMBAPRD Master of Business Administration (with Professional Development) Postgraduate
PBMBATOP MBA (Top Up) Postgraduate
PBMBUADM Master of Business Administration Postgraduate
PBMBUSAD Master of Business Administration Postgraduate
PCASOCWP PG Cert Advanced Social Work Practice Postgraduate
PCPSARC3 Examination in Professional Practice in Architecture (RIBA 3) Postgraduate
PCTEADHF PGC Teaching Adult Dyslexic Learners in Higher and Further Edu... Postgraduate
PDASWPRA PG Dip Advanced Social Work Practice Postgraduate
PDCONIND PG Diploma Conference Interpreting Postgraduate
PDDIETND PGD Dietetics and Nutrition Postgraduate
PDHUMRMD Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Postgraduate
PDLEGPRA PGD Legal Practice Course Postgraduate
PDLEGPS1 PGD Legal Practice Course Stage 1 Postgraduate
PDLEGPS2 PGD Legal Practice Course Stage 2 Postgraduate
PDPSCLGY PG Diploma Psychology Postgraduate
PEDNBICR PGCE Secondary Science with Biology (Crest) Postgraduate
PEDNBIOA PGCE Secondary Science with Biology (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNBIOC PGCE Secondary Science with Biology (Cardinal Pole) Postgraduate
PEDNBIOI PGCE Secondary Science with Biology (ILTTA) Postgraduate
PEDNBIOW PGCE Secondary Science with Biology (Winchmore) Postgraduate
PEDNCHCR PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry (Crest) Postgraduate
PEDNCHEA PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNCHEC PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry (Cardinal Pole) Postgraduate
PEDNCHEI PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry (ILTTA) Postgraduate
PEDNCHEW PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry (Winchmore) Postgraduate
PEDNENCR PGCE Secondary English (Crest) Postgraduate
PEDNENGA PGCE Secondary English with Media (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNENGC PGCE Secondary English with Media (Cardinal Pole) Postgraduate
PEDNENGI PGCE Secondary English with Media (ILTTA) Postgraduate
PEDNENGL PGCE Secondary English with Media Postgraduate
PEDNEYRA PGCE Early Years (3 - 7) (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNEYRC PGCE Early Years (3 - 7) (Cardinal Pole) Postgraduate
PEDNEYRI PGCE Early Years (3-7) (ILTTA) Postgraduate
PEDNEYRP PGCE Early Years (3 - 7) (Princess May) Postgraduate
PEDNLACR PGCE Secondary Modern Languages (Crest) Postgraduate
PEDNLANA PGCE Secondary Modern Languages (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNLANC PGCE Secondary Modern Languages (Cardinal Pole) Postgraduate
PEDNLANI PGCE Secondary Modern Languages (ILTTA) Postgraduate
PEDNLANW PGCE Secondary Modern Languages (Winchmore) Postgraduate
PEDNMACR PGCE Secondary Mathematics (Crest) Postgraduate
PEDNMATA PGCE Secondary Mathematics (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNMATC PGCE Secondary Mathematics (Cardinal Pole) Postgraduate
PEDNMATI PGCE Secondary Mathematics (ILTTA) Postgraduate
PEDNMATW PGCE Secondary Mathematics (Winchmore) Postgraduate
PEDNPHCR PGCE Secondary Science with Physics (Crest) Postgraduate
PEDNPHYA PGCE Secondary Science with Physics (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNPHYC PGCE Secondary Science with Physics (Cardinal Pole) Postgraduate
PEDNPHYI PGCE Secondary Science with Physics (ILTTA) Postgraduate
PEDNPHYW PGCE Secondary Science with Physics (Winchmore) Postgraduate
PEDNPRCR PGCE Primary (Crest) Postgraduate
PEDNPRIA PGCE Primary (5 - 11) (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNPRIC PGCE Primary (5 - 11) (Cardinal Pole) Postgraduate
PEDNPRII PGCE Primary (5-11) (ILTTA) Postgraduate
PEDNPRIP PGCE Primary (5 - 11) (Princess May) Postgraduate
PEDNPRIV PGCE Primary (Viridis) Postgraduate
PEDNPRIW PGCE Primary (Winchmore) Postgraduate
PEDNSCZA PGCE School Direct Secondary Citizenship (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNSCZC PGCE School Direct Secondary Citizenship (Cardinal Pole Roman ... Postgraduate
PEDNSEMA PGCE School Direct Secondary English with Media (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNSEMP PGCE School Direct Secondary English with Media (Princess May ... Postgraduate
PEDNSMLP PGCE School Direct Secondary Modern Languages (Princess May Pr... Postgraduate
PEDNSMSA PGCE School Direct Secondary Music (Aylward Academy) Postgraduate
PEDNSMSC PGCE School Direct Secondary Music (Cardinal Pole Roman Cathol... Postgraduate
PEDNSMTC PGCE School Direct Secondary Mathematics (Cardinal Pole Roman ... Postgraduate
PEDNSMTP PGCE School Direct Secondary Mathematics (Princess May Primary... Postgraduate
PEDNSPEC PGCE School Direct Secondary Physical Education (Cardinal Pole... Postgraduate
PEEAYETS PGCE Early Years (3 - 7) Postgraduate
PEECEYTE PGCE Early Childhood (Employment-based) Postgraduate
PEPRMARY PGCE Primary (5-11) Postgraduate
PESECCZP PGCE Secondary Citizenship Postgraduate
PESECEMD PGCE Secondary English with Media Postgraduate
PESECMDL PGCE Secondary Modern Languages Postgraduate
PESECMSC PGCE Secondary Music Postgraduate
PESECMTH PGCE Secondary Mathematics Postgraduate
PESECPED PGCE Secondary Physical Education Postgraduate
PESSCBIO PGCE Secondary Science with Biology Postgraduate
PESSCCHE PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry Postgraduate
PESSCPHY PGCE Secondary Science with Physics Postgraduate
PFMAFIAR Master of Fine Arts Postgraduate
PGCPELAW Common Professional Exam Postgraduate
PIMARRIB MArch Architecture RIBA 2 Postgraduate
PIPSARC2 Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA 2) Postgraduate
PMADVSWP MSc Advanced Social Work Practice Postgraduate
PMAPPPSY MSc Applied Psychology Postgraduate
PMARCTEC MA Architecture Postgraduate
PMARCURB MA Architecture and Urbanism Postgraduate
PMAVMNCE MSc Aviation Management for the 21st Century Postgraduate
PMBIOMDS MSc Biomedical Science Postgraduate
PMBLOSCI MSc Blood Science Postgraduate
PMBLSCDL MSc Blood Science (Distance Learning) Postgraduate
PMBMSTDL MSc Biomedical Studies (Distance Learning) Postgraduate
PMCANPHA MSc Cancer Pharmacology Postgraduate
PMCAPHIM MSc Cancer Immunotherapy Postgraduate
PMCNCSWE MSc Computer Networking and Cyber Security with Work Experience Postgraduate
PMCOINSY MSc Computing and Information Systems Postgraduate
PMCONECS MSc Computer Networking and Cyber Security Postgraduate
PMCONINT MA Conference Interpreting Postgraduate
PMCOSORE MSc Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Postgraduate
PMCRDIPW MA Creative, Digital and Professional Writing Postgraduate
PMCRMLGY MSc Criminology Postgraduate
PMCRVIPR MSc Crime, Violence and Prevention Postgraduate
PMDATANA MSc Data Analytics Postgraduate
PMDESCOL MA Design for Cultural Commons Postgraduate
PMDIETNU MSc Dietetics and Nutrition Postgraduate
PMDIGMED MA Digital Media Postgraduate
PMEARCHI MA Early Childhood Studies Postgraduate
PMEDUCAT MA Education Postgraduate
PMELTEDL MA English Language Teaching (Distance Learning) Postgraduate
PMFOODSC MSc Food Science Postgraduate
PMFURNDE MA Furniture Design Postgraduate
PMHSCMPY MSc Health and Social Care Management and Policy Postgraduate
PMHUMNPH MSc Human Nutrition (Public Health / Sports) Postgraduate
PMHUREMA MA Human Resource Management Postgraduate
PMHURIIC MA Human Rights and International Conflict Postgraduate
PMIELTMT MSc International Events, Leisure and Tourism Management Postgraduate
PMINRDES MA Interior Design Postgraduate
PMINTCDL MSc Information Technology (Distance Learning) Postgraduate
PMINTECH MSc Information Technology Postgraduate
PMINTRFI MSc International Trade and Finance Postgraduate
PMINTRLN MA International Relations Postgraduate
PMIOTADE MSc Internet of Things and Digital Enterprise Postgraduate
PMITPRET MA Interpreting Postgraduate
PMLEATEA MA Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Postgraduate
PMLEGAPR LLM Legal Practice Postgraduate
PMLEGPRT LLM Legal Practice Postgraduate
PMMEDCON MA Media and Communications Postgraduate
PMMEDICS MSc Medical Genomics Postgraduate
PMMKTPWY MA Marketing Postgraduate
PMMRTMLW LLM Maritime Law (Top-Up) (Distance Learning) Postgraduate
PMMSLTDL MA Management and Strategic Leadership (Top-Up) Postgraduate
PMOCBUPS MSc Occupational and Business Psychology Postgraduate
PMORCRGS MA Organised Crime and Global Security Postgraduate
PMPHSDDS MSc Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Delivery Systems Postgraduate
PMPRODDE MA Product Design Postgraduate
PMPSBSOL Biomedical Science On-line Postgraduate
PMPSLOGY MSc Psychology Postgraduate
PMPSMEHE MSc Psychology of Mental Health Postgraduate
PMPSYTHE MSc Psychological Therapy Postgraduate
PMPUBADN MA Master of Public Administration (MPA) Postgraduate
PMPUBHEA MSc Public Health Postgraduate
PMSOCWRK MSc Social Work Postgraduate
PMSPTTPY MSc Sports Therapy Postgraduate
PMTEACHG MA Teaching Postgraduate
PMTELAAR MA Teaching Languages (Arabic) Postgraduate
PMTELAEN MA Teaching Languages (English) Postgraduate
PMTRANSM MA Translation Postgraduate
PMTXTDGN MA Textile Design Postgraduate
PMWOMCDA MA Woman and Child Abuse Postgraduate
PODSLANC QTS Only School Direct (Salaried) Secondary Modern Languages (... Postgraduate
PODSMATC QTS Only School Direct (Salaried) Secondary Mathematics (Cardi... Postgraduate
PODSPRIA QTS Only School Direct (Salaried) Primary (5 - 11) (Aylward Ac... Postgraduate
PODSPRMP QTS Only School Direct Primary (Salaried) (Princess May Primar... Postgraduate
POSKCHEM Subject Knowledge Enhancement Chemistry Postgraduate
POSKFREN Subject Knowledge Enhancement French (French Extension Course) Postgraduate
POSKMATH Subject Knowledge Enhancement Mathematics Postgraduate
PRPROJAD MA by Project Postgraduate
PSAORQTS Assessment Only (AO) route to qualified teacher status - QTS Postgraduate
PTPMBUSN Business Pre-Masters Postgraduate
PTPSYGDL Psychology for Graduates (by Distance Learning) Postgraduate
RDPHDAPP Doctor of Philosophy Postgraduate
RMPHIAPP Master of Philosophy Postgraduate
RPHLTPSY Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology Postgraduate
RPPOSECS Professional Doctorate in Policing, Security and Community Safety Postgraduate
RPPPFCOU Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology Postgraduate
RPPPFOCP Professional Doctorate in Occupational Psychology Postgraduate
RPPREDUC Doctor of Education Postgraduate
RPRESWRK Professional Doctorate in Researching Work (DProf) Postgraduate
UDAAAMAN BSc Airline, Airport and Aviation Management Undergraduate
UDACFINA BA Accounting and Finance Undergraduate
UDADMCPR BA Advertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relations Undergraduate
UDARCHIT BA Architecture Undergraduate
UDBANKFN BSc Banking and Finance Undergraduate
UDBEMAJO BA Beauty Marketing and Journalism Undergraduate
UDBIINDI BSc Biology of Infectious Disease Undergraduate
UDBIOCHE BSc Biochemistry Undergraduate
UDBIOSCI BSc Biological Science Undergraduate
UDBKFIPT BSc Banking and Finance (with Integrated Professional Training) Undergraduate
UDBMDSCI BSc Biomedical Science Undergraduate
UDBMDSNC BSc Biomedical Science leading to MD Undergraduate
UDBMMARK BA Business Management and Marketing Undergraduate
UDBSCMSY BSc Business Computer Systems (Top Up) Undergraduate
UDBSINTC BSc Business Information Technology Undergraduate
UDBSNADM BA Business Administration Undergraduate
UDBSNMGT BA Business Management Undergraduate
UDBUSECM BA Business Economics Undergraduate
UDBUSLAW LLB Business Law Undergraduate
UDCHEMST BSc Chemistry Undergraduate
UDCMDVLR BSc Community Development and Leadership Undergraduate
UDCMFRIS BSc Computer Forensics and IT Security Undergraduate
UDCMGMPR BSc Computer Games Programming Undergraduate
UDCMPNET BEng Computer Networking Undergraduate
UDCMPSCI BSc Computer Science Undergraduate
UDCMPTNG BSc Computing Undergraduate
UDCMSYEN BEng Computer Systems Engineering Undergraduate
UDCNITSC BSc Computer Networking and IT Security Undergraduate
UDCOMNCS BSc Computer Networking and Cyber Security Undergraduate
UDCOUCOA BSc (Hons) Counselling and Coaching Undergraduate
UDCRCNPO BSc Criminology and Community Policing Undergraduate
UDCRILAW BA Criminology and Law Undergraduate
UDCRIMGY BSc Criminology Undergraduate
UDCRINSE BA Criminology and International Security Undergraduate
UDCRIPOL BSc Criminology and Policing Undergraduate
UDCRIPSY BSc Criminology and Psychology Undergraduate
UDCRISOC BSc Criminology and Sociology Undergraduate
UDCRMUTE BA Creative Music Technologies Undergraduate
UDCRYHST BSc Criminology and Youth Studies Undergraduate
UDCWENLI BA Creative Writing and English Literature Undergraduate
UDDESPUB BA Design for Publishing Undergraduate
UDDESTPR BA Design Studio Practice Undergraduate
UDDIENUT BSc Dietetics and Nutrition Undergraduate
UDDIETET BSc Dietetics Undergraduate
UDDIFOCS BSc Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Undergraduate
UDDIGMDA BA Digital Media Undergraduate
UDDIINRL BA Diplomacy and International Relations Undergraduate
UDDIPLAW BA Diplomacy and Law Undergraduate
UDEAYEDU Early Years Education (two-year accelerated degree) Undergraduate
UDECNMIC BSc Economics Undergraduate
UDECOFIN BSc Economics and Finance Undergraduate
UDEDSCPL BA Education and Social Policy Undergraduate
UDEDUSTU BA Education Studies Undergraduate
UDELCMEN BEng Electronic and Communications Engineering Undergraduate
UDENGLIT BA English Literature Undergraduate
UDERLYCS BA Early Childhood Studies Undergraduate
UDESENLI BA Education Studies and English Literature Undergraduate
UDEVEMAN BA Events Management Undergraduate
UDFAACJE BA Fashion Accessories and Jewellery Undergraduate
UDFASPHO BA Fashion Photography Undergraduate
UDFILTVS BA Film and Television Studies Undergraduate
UDFINART BA Fine Art Undergraduate
UDFLMBPR BA Film and Broadcast Production Undergraduate
UDFMBSMN BA Fashion Marketing and Business Management Undergraduate
UDFNMATH BSc Financial Mathematics Undergraduate
UDFRNSCI BSc Forensic Science Undergraduate
UDFSHION BA Fashion Undergraduate
UDFSMKJR BA Fashion Marketing and Journalism Undergraduate
UDFUPRDE BA Furniture and Product Design Undergraduate
UDGAMANE BSc Games Modelling, Animation and Effects Undergraduate
UDGRPDES BA Graphic Design Undergraduate
UDHEWEEC BA Health and Wellbeing in Early Childhood Undergraduate
UDHLSCPY BSc Health and Social Policy Undergraduate
UDHMDSCI BSc Herbal Medicinal Science (Top-Up) Undergraduate
UDHSCARE BSc Health and Social Care Undergraduate
UDHUMNUT BSc Human Nutrition Undergraduate
UDILLANI BA Illustration and Animation Undergraduate
UDILLUST BA Illustration Undergraduate
UDINARDE BA Interior Architecture and Design Undergraduate
UDINBUSM BSc International Business Management Undergraduate
UDINBUST BSc International Business Management (Top-Up) Undergraduate
UDINDEDE BA Interior Design and Decoration Undergraduate
UDINRLAW BA International Relations and Law Undergraduate
UDINRPOL BA International Relations and Politics Undergraduate
UDINTDGN BA Interior Design Undergraduate
UDINTRLT BA International Relations Undergraduate
UDIRLARA BA International Relations with Arabic Undergraduate
UDIRLFRE BA International Relations with French Undergraduate
UDIRLLAN BA International Relations with Languages Undergraduate
UDIRLSPA BA International Relations with Spanish Undergraduate
UDIRPCST BA International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies Undergraduate
UDJFTSTU BA Journalism, Film and Television Studies Undergraduate
UDJOURNM BA Journalism Undergraduate
UDLAWINR LLB Law (with International Relations) Undergraduate
UDLAWZZZ BA Law Undergraduate
UDLLBCRI LLB (Criminal Law) Undergraduate
UDLLBLAW LLB Law Undergraduate
UDMACOSC BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Computer Science Undergraduate
UDMATHMS BSc Mathematics Undergraduate
UDMATSCI BSc Mathematical Sciences Undergraduate
UDMAVICU BA Material and Visual Culture Undergraduate
UDMBLIVE BA Music Business and Live Entertainment Undergraduate
UDMCJOUR BSc Media, Communications and Journalism Undergraduate
UDMEDARA BA Media with Arabic Undergraduate
UDMEDBSC BSc Medical Bioscience Undergraduate
UDMEDCOM BSc Media and Communications Undergraduate
UDMEDFRE BA Media with French Undergraduate
UDMEDLAN BA Media with Languages Undergraduate
UDMEDMAR BA Media and Marketing Undergraduate
UDMEDSCI Bsc Medical Sciences (two-year accelerated degree) Undergraduate
UDMEDSPA BA Media with Spanish Undergraduate
UDMEPURE BA Media and Public Relations Undergraduate
UDMULJOU BA Multimedia Journalism Undergraduate
UDMUSPRO BSc Music Technology and Production Undergraduate
UDPAINTI BA Painting Undergraduate
UDPHARMA BSc Pharmacology Undergraduate
UDPHMSCI BSc Pharmaceutical Science Undergraduate
UDPHOTGR BA Photography Undergraduate
UDPHOTOJ BA Photojournalism Undergraduate
UDPOLTCS BA Politics Undergraduate
UDPRIEDU Primary Education (two-year accelerated degree) BA (Hons) Undergraduate
UDPSPRIN BSc Police Studies, Procedure and Investigation Undergraduate
UDPSYCGY BSc Psychology Undergraduate
UDPSYSCG BSc Psychology and Sociology Undergraduate
UDPUBLIS BA Publishing Undergraduate
UDPUHEHP BSc Public Health and Health Promotion (Top-up) Undergraduate
UDSCLOGY BSc Sociology Undergraduate
UDSFWENG BEng Software Engineering (Top-up) Undergraduate
UDSOCWOR BSc Social Work Undergraduate
UDSOPOPO BA Society, Politics and Policy Undergraduate
UDSPBMAN BA Sports Business Management Undergraduate
UDSPDTHE BSc Sports and Dance Therapy Undergraduate
UDSPEXSC BSc Sport and Exercise Science Undergraduate
UDSPMACO BA Sports Management and Coaching Undergraduate
UDSPOSCI BSc Sports Science Undergraduate
UDSPOTHE BSc Sports Therapy Undergraduate
UDSPPCPE BSc Sport Psychology, Coaching and Physical Education Undergraduate
UDSSLPLY BSc Sociology and Social Policy Undergraduate
UDSSPEDU BSc Sports Science and Physical Education Undergraduate
UDTHEFLM BA Theatre and Film Undergraduate
UDTHEFSD BA Theatre and Film Production Design Undergraduate
UDTHPEPR BA Theatre and Performance Practice Undergraduate
UDTRASTU BA Translation Undergraduate
UDTTRMAN BA Tourism and Travel Management Undergraduate
UDTXTDES BA Textile Design Undergraduate
UDWELALI BSc Wellbeing in Later Life (Top-Up) Undergraduate
UDYTHSTU BSc Youth Studies Undergraduate
UDYTHWRK BSc Youth Work Undergraduate
UEACFIEX BA Accounting and Finance (Extended Degree) Undergraduate
UEBIOCES BSc Biological Sciences Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEBIOIND BSc Biology of Infectious Disease Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEBIONCE BSc Biomedical Science Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEBIOOGY BSc Biotechnology Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEBIOTRY BSc Biochemistry Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEBMGEXT BA Business Management (Extended Degree) Undergraduate
UECHETRY BSc Chemistry Extended Degree Undergraduate
UECOMING BSc Computing Extended Degree Undergraduate
UECOMUTH BSc Community Development and Youth Extended Degree (including... Undergraduate
UECONENG BSc Computer Network Engineering Extended Degree Undergraduate
UECOTEMA BSc Computing, Technology and Mathematics Extended Degree Undergraduate
UECREURE BA Creative Writing and English Literature Extended Degree (in... Undergraduate
UECRIING BSc Criminology, Policing and Law Extended Degree (including ... Undergraduate
UECYBITY BSc Cyber Security Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEEACHST BA Early Childhood Studies Extended Degree (including Foundati... Undergraduate
UEEDUIES BA Education Studies Extended Degree (including Foundation Year) Undergraduate
UEFARIND BA Architecture and Interior Design Extended Degree (with Foun... Undergraduate
UEFARTDE BA Art and Design Extended Degree (with Foundation Year) Undergraduate
UEFFIPHM BA Film, Photography and Media Extended Degree (with Foundatio... Undergraduate
UEFFSHTX BA Fashion and Textiles Extended Degree (with Foundation Year) Undergraduate
UEFORNCE BSc Forensic Science Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEHUMION BSc Human Nutrition Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEINTICS BA International Relations and Politics Extended Degree (inclu... Undergraduate
UEMATICS BSc Mathematics Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEMEDCES BSc Medical Bioscience Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEMEDICO BSc Media and Communications Extended Degree (including Founda... Undergraduate
UEPHANCE BSc Pharmaceutical Science Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEPHAOGY BSc Pharmacology Extended Degree Undergraduate
UEPSYOGY BSc Psychology Extended Degree Undergraduate
UESCIENC BSc Sciences Extended Degree - (Biology, Chemistry, Health, Ps... Undergraduate
UESCWRKF BSc (Hons) Social Work Extended Degree (including Foundation Y... Undergraduate
UESOSCHU BA Social Sciences and Humanities Extended Degree Undergraduate
UESPOAPY BSc Sports Therapy Extended Degree Undergraduate
UESPONCE BSc Sports Science Extended Degree Undergraduate
UFCMBSIT FdSc Computing and Business IT Undergraduate
UFFRNTRE FdA Furniture Undergraduate
UFPHSCRE FdA Public Health and Social Care Undergraduate
UOIFPAID International Foundation Programme Architecture and Interior D... Undergraduate
UOIFPAMD International Foundation Programme Art Media and Design Undergraduate
UOIFPBSM International Foundation Programme Business Management Undergraduate
UOIFPCTM International Foundation Programme Computing, Technology and M... Undergraduate
UOIFPLAW International Foundation Programme Law Undergraduate
UOIFPSCI International Foundation Programme Sciences Undergraduate
UOIFPSSH International Foundation Programme Social Sciences and Humanities Undergraduate
UPHRMANA Intermediate Diploma in Professional Development in Human Reso... Undergraduate
USCAMDDM CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing Undergraduate
USCIMCPM CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing Undergraduate
USCIMDPM CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing Undergraduate
USICMCM3 CICM Diploma in Credit Management Level 3 Undergraduate
USICMCM5 CICM Diploma in Credit Management Level 5 Undergraduate