Exam Track

1. Scope of exams covered

ExamTrack provides timetable and location information relating to exams on Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, Pre Degree and Access courses, Extended Degrees and Professional courses. It covers exams at Aldgate, Holloway Road and Moorgate sites but does not cover exams taken at collaborative partner institutions.

2. Publication dates and rechecking

A. The unroomed timetable for the May 2014 examination period will be published on Friday 11 April 2014. The roomed timetable will be published on Friday 2 May 2014.

B. IMPORTANT: It may be necessary to amend previously published dates, times and locations and therefore you should check your exam timetable again closer to your exam date(s).

3. Further information

A. Exam locations

For further information on exam locations and how to find them, please see Exam Room Locations.

B. Alternative locations – for Special exam arrangements (arising from INARS), clash exam arrangements, overseas exam arrangements

The timetable here indicates only the main location exam room. Where alternative locations are arranged for individual students these are communicated in other ways, including by email directly to those students.

C. Information you need before attending exams

Before attending exams all students should be familiar with the advice, rules and requirements explained in exams-guidance-for-students.doc

For further information about exam processes and requirements, including those relating to alternative locations, use of dictionaries and access to past papers Click Here.

D. Seen (pre-published) material

“Seen” exam papers/exam questions/case studies published prior to the exam are available Here

E. Please check the exam timetable regularly as it may be necessary to relocate/reschedule exams.

4. How to find details of your exam

You can search for the exams you will be sitting by entering a module code or title in each box below.
To search by Module Code:

  • Select 'Module Code' from the drop-down selection box
  • Enter a valid Module Code e.g. 'AC4002'

To search by Module Title:

  • Select 'Module Title' from the drop-down selection box
  • Enter a Module Title e.g. ' Introduction to Accounting'
  • If you do not know the full title, enter a keyword such as 'accounting' to find any module with that word in its title

You can search for up to 5 different modules. After entering your search terms, press 'Search now'.


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