module specification

AE4019 - Curriculum, Learners and Learning I (2022/23)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2022/23
Module title Curriculum, Learners and Learning I
Module level Certificate (04)
Credit rating for module 30
School School of Social Sciences and Professions
Total study hours 300
210 hours Guided independent study
90 hours Scheduled learning & teaching activities
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
Coursework 30%   Journal (1, 500 words).
Coursework 70%   Essay (2, 500 words)
Running in 2022/23

(Please note that module timeslots are subject to change)
Period Campus Day Time Module Leader
Year North Tuesday Morning

Module summary

This module aims to:

• Extend, consolidate and enhance the meaning of the curriculum
• Explore how children learn
• Reflect on and capture students personal learning journeys and the influence these have on their learning and teaching
• Analyse pioneers of learning theories and how they influence learners and learning in the 21st century
• Enable students to understand the early years and primary curricula, exploring the distinctiveness of each phase
• Engage students in thinking about the relevance of subject knowledge and how this impacts on effective delivery of the taught academic and pastoral curricula
• Examine assessment in the curriculum and how this is linked to progression of learning
• Understand early years and primary pedagogy


The syllabus for this module will include:

• Pedagogy for early years and primary
• Assessment in the primary classroom and the meaning of age related expectations
• Maximising impact of learning through planning, assessment and subject knowledge
• Personal and professional learning journeys and impact on teaching and learning in a diverse primary classroom.
• Learning styles to meet the diverse needs of learners within the primary classroom. LO1,LO2,LO3,LO4,LO5

Balance of independent study and scheduled teaching activity

The delivery of this module will be through lectures and workshop sessions including blended learning. Students will engage with module content on weblearn including discussions.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will:

1. Have extended their knowledge and understanding of the primary curriculum
2. Be confident in using the  curriculum for planning to meet the diverse needs of children in the primary classroom
3. Demonstrate a good understanding of planning, assessment and learner progression
4. Know how their knowledge of the curriculum will impact their learners
5. Have a clear understanding of curriculum and pedagogy

Assessment strategy

Guidance will be provided within taught sessions and tutorials to successfully complete the assessment strategy.
A Reflective Reading Journal (1,500 words)
Essay: What is your understanding of curriculum, learners and learning in the primary classroom? (2,500)


Core reading

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Hansen, A (2015) Primary Professional Studies. 3rd ed. London: Learning Matters
Wyse, D. and Rogers, S. (eds) (2016) A guide to Early Years and Primary Teaching. London: sage

Additional reading

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