module specification

BL7015 - International Sports Law (2017/18)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2017/18
Module title International Sports Law
Module level Masters (07)
Credit rating for module 20
School Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law
Total study hours 30
30 hours Scheduled learning & teaching activities
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
Coursework 60%   Coursework 2500 Words *FC*
Seminar 40%   Individual Presentation
Running in 2017/18 No instances running in the year

Module summary

Code: BL7015
Title: International Sports Law
Brief Description:This module explores the legal aspects pertaining to the governing bodies of international sport . Topics covered include: a) individual athlete eligibility and player transfers; b) drug use and testing; c) contractual issues related to bidding on events, sponsorship, endorsements, and agreements for competition; d) dispute resolution between governing entities including the CAS; e) global media contracts including television and new media; and f) the interface between state, national and global governmental agencies and organizations with sport.
Semester: Spring
Assessment: Individual coursework of c.2500 words (60%) with an individual presentation (40%)
Pre-requisites: None

Prior learning requirements


Module aims

This module seeks to
· To elicit key principles of law from cases and other reading.
· To develop a familiarisation with the legal structure and laws, particularly with regard to sports, in various countries around the world.
· To recognize the different ways legal issues in sport are dealt with in different countries
- To develop a sensitivity to legal issues in sport that are especially pertinent in the global arena.
· To be able to articulate the legal positions of different nations with respect to relevant issues in sports.
· To consider all possible outcomes in a given hypothetical situation.
· To understand and articulate principles of ethical behavior related to international sport law.
· To be able to identify and intelligently discuss current issues and future trends in international sport law.


· Introduction to the framework of law relating to sport
· Sport and the criminal law - conduct which is tolerated in the context of sports and the interface with criminal liability.
· The legal nature of sporting associations, incorporated and unincorporated organisations, private and public law actions and international sport governing bodies
· Contractual rights and obligations - contracts of employment, freedom to contract and contracts in restraint of trade.
· The law of negligence - duties, liability and defences.
· Health and Safety law - Health and Safety at Work Act, EU Safety Directives and legislation specific to sports.
· The resolution of legal disputes - role of sporting associations, arbitration, private and public law remedies, international sports arbitration,CAS.

Learning and teaching

The teaching, learning and assessment strategy facilitates the delivery of the learning outcomes outlined above.
The module will be delivered using a mix of lectures and seminars based on 2 hours contact time per week. Basic legal principles will be conveyed via lectures and students will be encouraged to participate where appropriate.
Seminars will be as topical as possible involving discussion and identification of current legal issues in the sports industry. Seminars will involve different types of activity and students will be encouraged to gather and evaluate information from newspapers and journals. Case studies will also be used for class discussion and will be used to focus on legal problems with students working both individually and in teams.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the legal principles relating to the sports industry in the global context
2. Analyse legal issues in the context of International Sports Law
3. Demonstrate an awareness of topical legal issues relating to the international sports industry
4. Research and interpret legal materials relating to sports law
5. Think critically with regard to legal problems within the international sports industry
6. Understand legal issues within the international sports arena

Assessment strategy

The module is assessed by means of a piece of coursework which will consist of a report on a topical issue relevant to the international sports industry and an oral presentation which will be based on students preliminary research into a topical area of the international sports industry. The coursework will account for 60% of the overall grade for the module. The presentation will count for 40% of the final mark for the module. Both assessments will demonstrate the students’ ability to think critically and will meet the learning outcomes for the module.


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