module specification

CC3004 - Software Engineering 2 (2017/18)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2017/18, but may be subject to modification
Module title Software Engineering 2
Module level Honours (06)
Credit rating for module 15
School School of Computing and Digital Media
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
Group Coursework 50%   Group Project & report
Unseen Examination 50%   2 hour examination *FC*
Running in 2017/18 No instances running in the year

Module summary

This module introduces more advanced topics in software engineering. The focus is on methods,
techniques and tools for software development, maintenance and management. The module also
introduces formal methods.

Prior learning requirements

(CC2007N or CC2008N) and (CC1007 or CC2010N or CC2004C)

Module aims

The principal graduate attribute addressed by the module is A2.
The main aims of the module are:
To broaden the student’s knowledge of methods, techniques and tools used in the software engineering process. (A2)
To provide the student with the experience of a substantial software engineering project with the emphasis on the individual workings as a member of a team. (A2,A3)
To give the student an opportunity to critically evaluate software products and software engineering methods/techniques (A2)


The main topics of study will include:
? Software engineering and software lifecycle: software evolution dynamics
? Review of current software development methodologies
? Advanced software tools
? Software quality assurance.
? Software metrics.
? Software maintenance. Techniques and tools.
? Software management. Techniques and tools.

Learning and teaching

Each week for 11 weeks, the module will consist of a:
2 hour lecture
2 hour tutorial/seminar

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module students will be:
1. able to use modern methods, techniques and tools in the software engineering process (A2,
2. able to critically evaluate these software engineering methods/techniques (A2)
3. able to critically evaluate software products (A2)
4. aware of modern trends in software engineering (A2)
5. able to carry out research on an advanced topic and present their findings (A2)

Assessment strategy

The module is pass on aggregate.
The module will be assessed by one assignment and an examination (2 hours).
Assignment will address the issues related to software development (i.e. methods, techniques and tools in the software development process) and evaluation.
Examination will include one research-oriented compulsory question.


The main texts are:
Pressman, R. 2000, Software Engineering – A Practitioner’s Approach, McGraw-Hill Publishing
Sommerville, I.,2004 or 2001, Software Engineering, Pearson Education Ltd.

Other books:
Bamford, R., Deibler,WJ., ISO9001:2000 for Software and System Providers: An Engineering Approach, CRC Press.
Bruegge, B., Dutoit, A. 2000, Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Prentice-Hall
Ghezzi C, Jazayeri M, Mandriolli, D., 2003, Fundamentals of Software Engineering, Prentice-Hall
Pfleeger,SL.,1998, Software engineering – Theory and Practice, Prentice- Hall
Van Vliet, H. 1993, Software Engineering – Principles and Practice, John Wiley & Sons