module specification

LT5029 - Music and Entertainment Law (2021/22)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2021/22
Module status DELETED (This module is no longer running)
Module title Music and Entertainment Law
Module level Intermediate (05)
Credit rating for module 30
School Guildhall School of Business and Law
Total study hours 300
90 hours Assessment Preparation / Delivery
120 hours Guided independent study
90 hours Scheduled learning & teaching activities
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
Coursework 50%   Written Exercise [Coursework] 2000 words
Unseen Examination 50%   Exam: 2-hour unseen exam
Running in 2021/22

(Please note that module timeslots are subject to change)
No instances running in the year

Module summary

This module begins by considering the contractual environment within the music business and associated sectors.   Important contractual areas will be critically examined including management agreements, recording agreements, self-release and 360 degree deals, publishing agreements, production agreements, live performance agreements, sponsorship and merchandising agreements. The emphasis will be on enhanced practical understanding of contractual frameworks, best negotiating practice, and the role and use of legal agreements within the business imperatives of music companies and within the career strategies of artists and managers.
In addition, the broader “entertainment” business will be explored in relation to its evolving legal framework.


Introduction to legal contracts, their status and enforceability LO2
Introduction to the English legal system LO2
Doctrine of Restraint of Trade and Undue Influence LO2
Negotiating Skills and practice LO2
Management agreements and the representation of artists LO1
Recording agreements LO1
Production agreements LO1
360 degrees deals and new types of agreement in the sector LO1
Publishing agreements LO1
Live performance agreements LO1
Sponsorship and merchandising agreements LO1
Terms and conditions LO1

Balance of independent study and scheduled teaching activity

The module will be delivered by way of 3 hour weekly workshops.  Each workshop shall comprise formal content delivery, class discussion, interactive class exercises.

Workshops shall be supported by the use of directed reading, videos and other media.
The workshops shall develop students’ confidence in subject discipline as well as in generic skills such as written and oral communication, creativity, critical and analytical skills.   Students will be expected to undertake prior directed reading and digest weblearn provided materials.

Workshops shall also provide an opportunity for students to consider and reflect upon career opportunities within the international entertainment sector

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students will:

(1) Evaluate the meaning and consequences of particular contractual terms and provisions of basic contracts typical to the sector
(2) Understand the process of contract drafting, negotiation

Assessment strategy

Diagnostic and formative assessment will take place weekly during the workshops where in addition to the formal transmission of content students will have the opportunity to develop theoretical, analytical, creative thinking, and oral and written communication skills

There are two components to the formal summative assessment strategy, a written coursework exercise and a two hour exam. Both aspects of the assessment process are designed to support student learning by requiring students to apply the theory and practice of taught elements. Both have formative and summative aspects.

Each student will be expected to read and review a contractual agreement, requesting amendments to such agreement on behalf of one party and providing explanatory reasoning as to why such amendments are requited in order to safeguard the interests of the relevant party.

a 2hour paper comprising both multiple choice questions and short essay questions (with some choice involved) covering the whole syllabus


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Entertainment Law Review

New Law Journal
Westlaw and other prescribed law databases

E Letter resources :

Digital Music News

Music Business Worldwide