module specification

LT5079 - The Global Sports Business (2018/19)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2018/19
Module title The Global Sports Business
Module level Intermediate (05)
Credit rating for module 15
School Guildhall School of Business and Law
Total study hours 150
114 hours Guided independent study
36 hours Scheduled learning & teaching activities
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
Coursework 50%   20 Minute Individual Presentation
Seen Examination 50%   2 hour seen examination
Running in 2018/19

(Please note that module timeslots are subject to change)
No instances running in the year

Module summary

The module will seek to develop students’ understanding of the international dimension and market of the sports industry. Students will develop an understanding of sports in the global environment, the historical context to the global sports industry and the development of the market, and current trends in the global sports industry as well as developing an understanding of London as a global city for the sports business.

Module aims

  1. To develop an understanding of the global dimensions of the sports industry.
  2. To provide students with a historical context to their understanding of the evolution of the global sports industry.
  3. To analyse contemporary sport in the light of theories of international development and globalisation.
  4. To provide students with a comparative perspective of contemporary sport in different global contexts.
  5. To equip students with the ability to analyse and solve problems within the sports industry.


1. The global diffusion of sport
2. Theories of globalisation
3. Case studies in the globalisation of sport
4. Sport and Trans-National Media Corporations
5. International sporting mega-events
6. London as a global capital of sport
7. The contemporary sports industry in key selected markets

Learning and teaching

The module will be delivered by way of weekly 1.5 hr lectures and 1.5 hr seminars.  Lectures shall comprise formal content delivery with some interactive opportunities and seminars shall comprise class discussion, interactive class exercises, and, towards the end of the module, delivery and group discussion of student individual presentations.

Seminars shall be supported by the use of directed reading, videos and other media.
The seminars shall develop students’ confidence in subject discipline as well as in generic skills such as written and oral communication, business acumen, numeracy, critical and analytical skills.   Students will be expected to undertake prior directed reading and digest weblearn provided materials.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students will:

  1. evaluate key features and issues in the international transmission, diffusion and transformation of sports;
  2. critically evaluate the contribution of theories of internationalisation and globalisation to the understanding of international sport;
  3. analyse the role of transnational media and other corporations in international sports development;
  4. critically examine the role of sports mega-events in the development of international sport;
  5. assess the role of sport in various international and cultural contexts and communicate the results of research and study effectively and professionally.

‘It also aims to develop students’ skills, in particular:

  • Academic Reading 
  • Researching
  • Application of Knowledge and Presenting Data
  • Communicating/presenting – orally and in writing, including inter-cultural communication
  • Critical Thinking and Writing
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

Assessment strategy

Diagnostic and formative assessment will take place weekly during the seminars where in addition to the formal transmission of content students will have the opportunity to develop theoretical, analytical, numeracy, and oral and written communication skills

There are two components to the formal summative assessment strategy.

Assessment 1

A 20-minute individual presentation

50 % weighting

Assessment 2

2 hour seen examination.

50% weighting


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