module specification

SH7012 - Managing Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace (2023/24)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2023/24
Module title Managing Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace
Module level Masters (07)
Credit rating for module 20
School School of Social Sciences and Professions
Total study hours 200
14 hours Assessment Preparation / Delivery
150 hours Guided independent study
22 hours Scheduled learning & teaching activities
14 hours Placement / study abroad
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
Coursework 100%   Health and Wellbeing Portfolio
Running in 2023/24

(Please note that module timeslots are subject to change)
Period Campus Day Time Module Leader
Spring semester North Thursday Morning

Module summary

You will be introduced to theories, concepts and models of workplace health in order to facilitate their professional knowledge of developing provision in the social professions arena. Contemporary approaches explore the link between health and wellbeing policy and the outcomes of organisational delivery. Workplace health and wellbeing is considered as a balance between personal, professional and organisational perspectives.

You will explore how such a balance can be achieved  in organisational settings and considers the impact of a shortfall in health and wellbeing provision on the workplace. The Module includes dedicated time for observations of workplace initiatives to support health and wellbeing which contribute to the final component of assessment: the Health & Wellbeing portfolio.

The aim of this Module is as follows:

• to develop a knowledge of organisational approaches to health and wellbeing and the promotion of health and well-being in the workplace;
•to develop an awareness of early intervention processes for those who develop a health condition in the workplace; and
•consideration of the socio-economic factors which contribute to employment (and unemployment), in order to develop proactive approaches of inclusion, selection and recruitment in the workplace.


Indicative syllabus:

Approaches to workplace health and wellbeing: LO1,2,3,4

Concepts and theories of workplace health and wellbeing: LO1,2,3,4

Managing Workplace health and wellbeing: LO1,2,3,4

Occupational health and psychological support systems: LO1,2,3,4

Absence Management: LO1,2,3,4

Health and Safety in the workplace:  LO1,2,3,4

Mental Health: LO1,2,3,4

Lifestyle choices: physical activity, healthy eating, alcohol, smoking and drug addiction: LO1,2,3,4

Balance of independent study and scheduled teaching activity

This module will mainly be taught in the lecture format – which is both lecture and workshop design. This gives opportunity of large group engagement as well as the opportunity to work closely with different members of the class. The students will also be encouraged to engage in online forum discussions through Weblearn and appreciate the interactivity of this platform.

The students will engage in workplace observation, which will tie together employers as future potential partners, as well as the reflective approach of students understanding the health and wellbeing of the workplace from a critical and theoretical perspective. This approach leads to employability development and the knowledge of future choice employers for the students.

The design of this module encourages both the driving agendas of subject specific learning content, but also assessment and learning skills. This means students will have the opportunity to weekly reflect on the assessment, so that the students build on their skills and knowledge leading to the point of assessment submission. This successful approach enables students to engage in stress free learning, but also supportive pedagogy within an equality and inclusion framework e.g Education for Social Justice Framework.

This module will have an essential formative assessment that will help students to plan, build and execute their final summative portfolio.

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

1. Identify and demonstrate understanding of significant issues impacting workplace health and wellbeing.

2. Evaluate the central concepts of workplace health and be able to apply them to a management perspective.

3. Critically evaluate the factors that promote or hinder workplace health and wellbeing, with a clear understanding of the link between policy and practice.

4. Reflect on the organisational considerations of the provision of services to support workplace health and wellbeing.

Assessment strategy

This module will have a 100% summative 3000 word Health and Wellbeing portfolio.

In designing this module and in this mode of assessment, students will build weekly on the content of the portfolio, so that at the time of submission they will have built up significant content in a timely fashion, supporting continuation and retention approaches by the university of students.

In the process of undertaking the portfolio, throughout the semester – a formative plan and Gantt Chart will be developed and submitted to help students achieve their and our submission goals.