module specification

SS5K70 - Becoming a Teacher (2017/18)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2017/18
Module title Becoming a Teacher
Module level Intermediate (05)
Credit rating for module 15
School School of Social Professions
Total study hours 150
45 hours Scheduled learning & teaching activities
105 hours Guided independent study
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
Coursework 100%   Essay
Running in 2017/18
Period Campus Day Time Module Leader
Spring semester North Tuesday Morning

Module summary

This module introduces students to teaching and how to acquire Qualified Teacher Status.  It examines practices and career and organisational norms across a range of sectors as well as lines of career development.  It examines the place of education and teachers in inter-professional networks as well as some of the challenges that attend this.

The module situates these discussions within a critical setting and offers an introduction to historical and sociological accounts of teachers’ lives and to meanings attaching to professionalism as both practice and social status and, thereby, to begin to understand the character of teaching as a community of practice.

Module aims

  • To prepare students with a fund of knowledge and critical understanding in advance of making important career decisions;
  • To introduce the structures and career development pathways for teachers working across a range of educational sectors and institutions;
  • To introduce historical and sociological readings of teachers’ lives, beliefs and aspirations and to examine how teachers narrate and lend meaning to their careers;
  • To explore teaching as a community of practice;
  • To examine competing notions of professionalism and their implications for institutional and workplace realities.


This module is offered as an Extension of Knowledge and it is anticipated that it will have wide appeal to students from across the University.  Routes to QTS; employment structure and character of education; goals, values and professionalism; understanding teachers’ lives, teaching as a community of practice and studentship as legitimate peripheral participation.  Visiting educational institutions.

Learning and teaching

The module will be taught through lectures, workshops and work visits.  These sessions will be led by members of the Education Studies’ team but will be supplemented by visiting speakers from the careers’ service, teachers, union officials and other academics.

Learning outcomes

Students successfully completing the module will be able to:

• Make informed decisions about their career development and the options available to them if they want to become teachers;
• Articulate an understanding of why teaching attracts and interests them (or not);
• Situate their incipient professional identities within the goals, values and mores of teaching as a community of practice and be able to express their relationship to this;
• Interpret working lives within a specific educational institution.

Assessment strategy

Students will need to write an essay (2500 words) on how to plan and deliver an effective lesson. They will be thinking about varies aspects of planning and delivery. e.g. clear lesson objectives, age group, differentiation, national curriculum requirements etc.


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