module specification

TL6051 - Project Management (2012/13)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2012/13, but may be subject to modification
Module title Project Management
Module level Honours (06)
Credit rating for module 15
School London Metropolitan Business School
Total study hours 150
Running in 2012/13 No instances running in the year

Module summary

This module is offered as a free module on the Undergraduate Scheme.
Increasingly managers at all levels of an organisation are required to manage projects, temporary endeavours undertaken to create a unique product or service. This module introduces most of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), as defined by the Project Management Institute – PMI, - and therefore prepares students in the capabilities required for effective project management: managing resources, time, people, and the project as a whole. The module therefore includes both the use of computer programmes for project management and approaches to managing people and teams.

Prior learning requirements

A level 4 or 5 module in Quantitative Analysis or Statistics

Module aims

The module aims to equip the student with an understanding of the complexities of managing projects in an uncertain world. The student will become familiar with the project proposal, the detailed planning and the use of wbs, resources issues and their management, the timeline, budgeting and cash flow as well as the eventual monitoring and control of the project through methods of tracking. The student will also be introduced to the softer managing people and conflict aspects of project management.


The student will learn:

• How to break down the planning of a project
• The student will learn how to build a wbs in computer software
• How to add resources and various fixed costs to tasks in the wbs
• How to manage and control the timeline, the resources, the cash flow and the budgeting
• How to control calendars so as to work with multinational, multicultural projects
• To consider and to control issues of risk and uncertainty
• To track a project and to control it through monitoring and taking timely remedial action
• Aspects of building effective project teams, their motivation and control and to deal with conflict and the importance of communications to the process


Learning and teaching

The module will consist of a one hour hour lecture to introduce new topics and themes and a two hour seminar. Seminars will be computer and class based and will require students to practice what has been learned in the lectures.


Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

1. Use the computer to manage project planning, control and monitoring processes. Main  software: Microsoft Project or similar.
Student learning time: 90 hours

2. Set goals, scope, priorities and procedures for the management of projects.
Student learning time: 40 hours

3. Apply models of control, motivation and leadership to project management.
Student learning time: 20 hours

Assessment strategy

The module will be assessed by a case study based coursework (50%) using the computer software and an unseen (2 hour) assessment (50%) at the end of the course. The module is assessed on a “pass on aggregate” basis.

The coursework will place emphasis on reporting, tracking and resource and cost allocations and control.  The exam will concentrate on the theoretical background to project management covering topics such as crashing, Gantt charts, uncertainty and various behavioural areas.


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On-Line Sources:
Project Management Today
Project Management Institute   for PMBOK
Association for PM
International PM Journal
Prince2, government source
Harvard business manager from 01/10/2001 to present in Nexis UK
Harvard business review from 01/10/1922 to present in Business Source Premier

Lecture notes, module booklet, etc are pdf Word or Powerpoint files on Weblearn and/or on the student shared drive under the given module code at both campus sites.

This module is supported by WebLearn or its equivalent – students are advised to access the site on a regular basis.