module specification

SP4055 - Professional and Core Skills (2022/23)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2022/23
Module title Professional and Core Skills
Module level Certificate (04)
Credit rating for module 15
School School of Human Sciences
Total study hours 150
5 hours Assessment Preparation / Delivery
112 hours Guided independent study
33 hours Scheduled learning & teaching activities
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
In-Course Test 30%   Online test (30 mins)
Coursework 70%   Personal Portfolio (1500 words)
Running in 2022/23

(Please note that module timeslots are subject to change)
Period Campus Day Time Module Leader
Autumn semester North Thursday Morning

Module summary

This module is intended to introduce you to the study of sport in higher education at London Metropolitan University as well as developing life-long skills in organisation and application of knowledge.

This module will develop your transferable skills to enable you to derive maximum benefit from your chosen courses of study, provide clear guidance on the University’s teaching, assessment and progression regulations to facilitate smooth passage through your chosen courses of study.

The module will introduce you to the learning resources and support facilities available within the University to assist you with your personal and professional development. The development of study skills will include writing laboratory records, scientific reports and essays.

The module also aims to introduce you to the development, scope and organisation of your chosen sports discipline and its associated professional bodies and employment opportunities. The transferable skills that will be developed will also prepare students for employment.

The module engages you in an exploration of activities that allow skills and knowledge relevant to your field of study to be developed.  It allows you to reflect on yourself as a learner, your development in a civic engagement context, as well as a work-based learning and careers context. Additionally, by constructing knowledge as individuals, and as part of a culturally diverse learning community, this module supports your development and achievement, and your ability to communicate effectively in a variety of professional, social and cultural contexts.

Prior learning requirements

Available for Study Abroad? No


Introduction and induction to the University learning resources
Professionalism in HE and the workplace including appropriate communication methods
Breadth and structure of chosen discipline and relationship to related disciplines.
Identification of the development of transferable skills for employment in scientific environments.
Professional issues: career opportunities; professional qualifications; social injustice.
Development and maintenance of personal profile and curriculum vitae
Reflection on own values, attributes and behaviours
Marketing your CV and profile plus reflective practice
Teaching of the role, structure and function of such relevant professional bodies
Word processing, use of spreadsheets and graphical presentation
Completion of Level 4 of the LondonMet Passport scheme


Balance of independent study and scheduled teaching activity

Lectures, tutorials, and IT workshops will provide a conceptual framework and opportunity for acquisition, discussion and the practice of skills. The use of student centred learning resources will be integrated into individual and teamwork exercises in the development of understanding, skills and competencies.
Sessions will be also be allocated to the production of a personal portfolio where students will be encouraged to review their skills and qualifications and plan for their future career.

Learning outcomes

LO 1:  Assess strengths, weaknesses and values, and identify broad areas for personal growth and development and demonstrate an understanding of future possible career paths and the opportunities provided through subject study and extra-curricular activities
LO 2: Maintain a personal profile, including an up-to-date curriculum vitae and reflect upon own and others work to develop core HE skills.
LO 3: Demonstrate proficiency in IT skills and basic maths: word processing and spreadsheets, utilising online packages
LO 4: Demonstrate an understanding of their chosen field of study in an employment, research and community context

Assessment strategy

A formative assessment in week 4 will require students to submit an up to date CV. Students will engage in peer assessment of their CV and feedback on this will also feed into the reflective component of the Personal Portfolio.

This main piece of work (Personal Portfolio) will provide students with the opportunity to showcase their achievement and appreciation of aspects of the Student Partnership Agreement, University mission and values and the Education for Social Justice Framework . The Portfolio with also demonstrate their understanding of their chosen degree pathway and future opportunities in their own personal and professional development and within the wider community. The portfolio will use the ‘University Passport’ scheme to support and guide students.

The online test will assess students’ knowledge and understanding of core skills essential to the study of Sports Science and Therapy courses, including maths and IT skills. This test will be completed online, in week 7. It will include MCQ’s and numerical questions.