module specification

SM5080 - Choreography (2023/24)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2023/24
Module title Choreography
Module level Intermediate (05)
Credit rating for module 15
School School of Art, Architecture and Design
Total study hours 150
114 hours Guided independent study
36 hours Scheduled learning & teaching activities
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
Coursework 50%   Choreographic work - tutor directed group
Coursework 50%   Student led choreographic work presented in performance
Running in 2023/24

(Please note that module timeslots are subject to change)
Period Campus Day Time Module Leader
Autumn semester City Tuesday Morning

Module summary

You will explore a range of approaches in creating choreography drawing on a range of research sources towards performance presentation in collaboration with your peers, professionals and the module leader.  You will gain new skills and practical, theoretical and contextual understanding of choreographic procedures within a range of theatre and film contexts. Critical appraisal and analysis of studio based choreographic experiments will contribute to your learning and development. Evaluation on this module is through continual assessment with two key sharing points of student work, where constructive feedback is provided. Staff and students engage in dialogue to promote a shared understanding of the basis on which academic judgements are made.
• To explore a range of contemporary choreographic approaches and strategies in creating and directing movement and dance based composition.
• To gain knowledge of some contemporary companies/artists and their methods/works in successfully stage new choreography for different contexts.
• To gain understanding and experience in effectively planning, leading, staging and performing choreographed performance work drawing on a range of sources.
• To collaborate with tutor, peers and a performance space in the creation and presentation of a choreographed performance event.

This is a semester-long module for Level 5 students, which aims to provide practical, theoretical and contextual understanding of choreographed theatre and performance work. In studio-based seminar workshops you will engage with a range of theatre and dance movement-based approaches and applications for choreographing performance related to professional environments and your own ideas.
You will develop your own choreography that will be directed into a public presentation by the module leader. Critical appraisal and analysis of your work will be performed on an ongoing basis through tasks and discussions and will inform an accompanying written portfolio that will appraise your choreographic journey.

Prior learning requirements

SM4010, SM4019

Available for Study Abroad? YES


This module will explore the selection, editing and refinement of movement material through to polished performance of original choreography. Through practice and research students will approach choreography from a number of perspectives and contextual styles relating to professional arenas. This work will draw on techniques, documentations and theories of key artists, theorists and companies and through practical tutor-directed explorations, examination of key texts and works.

Balance of independent study and scheduled teaching activity

Scheduled teaching provides the guidance and foundation to ensure that independent study is effective in addressing the module’s learning outcomes and assessment tasks.

In-class activity makes use of varied student-centred approaches including solo and group improvisation and choreographic tasks, peer-to-peer direction, critical feedback and analysis, so that a range of learning strategies is deployed. Information is provided through a range of means and sources to minimise and remove barriers to successful progress through the module. The course team seeks to embed the University’s Education for Social Justice Framework in fostering learning that is enjoyable, accessible, relevant and that takes account of the social and cultural context and capital of its students.

Reflective learning is promoted through interim formative feedback points that ask students to reflect on their progress, receive help where they identify the opportunity for improvement in learning strategies and outcomes and make recommendations to themselves for future development. Throughout the module, students build a body of work, including written reflections on progress and achievement.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you will be able to:

Cognitive intellectual abilities
LO1 Demonstrate an understanding in theory and practice of methods and strategies for the creation and performance of original choreography. 

Knowledge and understanding
LO2 Evidence an increased ability to work with motivation to develop performance, communication and critical skills, building on past knowledge and experience to further reflective practice.

Transferable skills
LO3 Experience working independently and collaboratively in planning, creating, staging and performing as part of a staged choreographed event.

Subject Specific Skills
LO4 Apply knowledge and understanding of some contemporary practitioners and their working methods in the context of creating physical-based theatre performance.

Assessment strategy

Students are continuously assessed on this module, with their assessment referencing key events during the module’s programme. This includes their work in exercises, practical presentations, and collaborative projects and performance.  Together with their creative and collaborative skills, process is also evaluated in terms of professionalism, engagement, progress, and ability to integrate feedback.  There are two assessment points during the semester where tutor directed and student created choreography are shared in performance.

1. Presentation of tutor directed choreography created in collaboration with students drawing on practical in class work and guided research activities 50%

2. Creation of student devised choreography (approximately 4 minutes duration) drawing on the ideas and strategies explored during the module practical and independent research and rehearsal activities 50%