module specification

AC4056 - Business Law and Ethics (2022/23)

Module specification Module approved to run in 2022/23
Module title Business Law and Ethics
Module level Certificate (04)
Credit rating for module 15
School Guildhall School of Business and Law
Total study hours 150
9 hours Assessment Preparation / Delivery
105 hours Guided independent study
36 hours Scheduled learning & teaching activities
Assessment components
Type Weighting Qualifying mark Description
In-Course Test 60%   Case study based seen test - 1 hour
Group Coursework 40%   Individually assessed group presentations - 20 minutes
Running in 2022/23

(Please note that module timeslots are subject to change)
Period Campus Day Time Module Leader
Autumn semester North Monday Afternoon
Autumn semester North Wednesday Morning
Autumn semester North Tuesday Afternoon
Autumn semester North Tuesday Morning

Module summary

The first part of the module aims to introduce students to the basic foundations of law and its relationship with the business professions. The second part of the module would concentrate on the relevance of ethics in the business and accountancy professions.  This part would highlight the importance of avoiding fraud and misleading statements by adopting the most recent ethical standards of financial reporting and corporate practices.


1. The English Legal System (LO 1 and 2)

• Sources of Law

• Civil and Criminal Law

• Hierarchy of Courts and Court Structure

• Influence of EU Law


2. Fundamentals of Contract Law (LO 1 and 2)

• Offer and Acceptance

• Consideration

• Intention to create legal relations

• Contract Terms

• Frustration in Contract

• Consumer Rights Act 2015

• Remedies for breach of Contract 

3. Law of Torts (LO 1 and 2)

• Negligence and Duty of Care 

• Causation and Remoteness

• Vicarious Liability

• Passing-off; Defences

• Application to Accountants and Auditors

4. Professional Ethics in Accounting & Business (LO3, LO4)

• The nature of ethics and its relevance to society, business and the accountancy profession

• The role of regulatory and professional bodies in promoting ethical and professional standards in the business & accountancy profession

• Recommend improvements to accounting systems to prevent error and fraud and to improve overall efficiency

• Ethics in financial reporting in respect of selection and adoption of accounting policies and estimates

• The benefits of a corporate code of ethics and ethical conflicts and dilemmas to the organisation and its employees

Balance of independent study and scheduled teaching activity

Teaching will take the form of weekly 2 hour lectures and one hour seminars discussions.

The lectures will aim to teach knowledge and skills in the fields of Business Law and Ethics.  Students will be given guidance on what to expect and how to solve real-life difficult business and ethical issues. 

In seminars, students would come prepared to discuss and reflect on the issues raised in the lectures as well as issues from independent study.  Students will be given opportunities to apply and analyze the principles of Law and Ethics in a variety of businesses contexts.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module students would be able to

LO1: Demonstrate an understanding of the Legal System, the sources of law, the court structures, hierarchy of the courts and the influence of EU laws.

LO2: Explain the basic principles of law which affect businesses and individuals, particularly, in relation to Contract Law, Tort Law and Sale of Goods.

LO3: Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethics to society, business and the professional accountant and related professions

LO4: Recognise that business and finance should be conducted in a manner which complies in the spirit of accepted professional ethics and values

Assessment strategy

The assessment strategy will consist of two components:
1. Seen Test - this assessment will involve problem questions designed to test students analytical and problem- solving skills under time-constrained conditions
2. Oral Exam – this assessment will be in the form of individually assessed group presentations


Reading List Talis Link:


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2. Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases -- Books a la Carte, 8/E Manuel G. Velasquez, Santa Clara University
ISBN-10: 0133832392 • ISBN-13: 9780133832396
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Published 09 Aug 2017


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