Student Services: Careers

Postgraduate Students

As a postgraduate student you can access all the general resources and services available including 1-1 advice and guidance.  In addition, there are a number of specific resources which postgraduate students may find useful.  These include:

“What do researchers do?  Early career progression of doctoral graduates 2013”  Careers Research & Advisory Centre (Ltd), 2013

“Talent Fishing: What Businesses want from Postgraduates”, Council for Industry & Higher Education, 2010

“Recruiting Researchers: Survey of Employer Practice 2009” Careers Research & Advisory Centre (Ltd), 2009

What Do Researchers Do? Career Profiles of Doctoral Graduates”  Careers Research & Advisory Centre (Ltd), 2011

“What do Researchers Do?  First Destinations of Doctoral Graduates by Subject”.  Careers Research & Advisory Centre (Ltd), 2009.

This document provides an analysis of first employment destinations of doctoral graduates from 2003-2007

"What do researchers do? Doctoral graduate destinations and impact three years on". Careers Research & Advisory Centre (Ltd), 2010      

A resource for arts and humanities researchers, career profiles and relevant articles: 

Case studies: Careers in Research  Research Councils UK

“Career stories” and information on scientific pathways:

A specialist job site:

For those interested in working in higher education visit