module specification

XK0000 - Extension of Knowledge Module (2018/19)

Module summary

Please find below a list of the currently available Extension of Knowledge Modules from which to select your choice.

Please note there is no guarantee that all of these modules will be currently available and where a module is listed in both Autumn and Spring it may only be offered in one semester. Please click on the individual module code to check availability. If your programme allows you to choose 2 EoK modules in the same year please use XK0000 for the first choice and XK0002 for the second choice.

Please visit the Open Language Programme website for full details of Language Options

Autumn Semester Spring Semester
Level 5 Level 5

BC5K55 Ethics for Science
GI5062 Media and Culture
GI5064The Politics of the European Union
LT5078 Sustainability, Business and Responsibility 
MN5W50 Creating a Winning Business 1
SJ5000A Genre Fiction Part 1
SJ5053 Scripting Performance for Screen
SJ5070 Contemporary American Television
SJ5079 Styling and Journalism
SM5052 Youth Culture and the Media
SM5055 Installation and Site
SM5063 Social Media Strategies
SS5060 Employability in the Community Sector
SS5077 Religion and Education in Contemporary Society


BC5K55 Ethics for Science
GI5060 American Foreign Policy
GI5063 Politics of the Middle East
LT5053 Niche Tourism
MN5W50 Creating a Winning Business 1
SC5051 Youth, Crime and Violence
SJ5070 Contemporary American Television
SJ5072 Stardom and Performance
SM5051 Crime and the Media
SM5052 Youth Culture and the Media
SM5057 Marketing the Arts
SM5058 Dramaturgy
SM5062 Digital Humanities
SM5064 3D Animation: Principles and Practice
SS5K70 Becoming a Teacher
SS5060 Employability in the Community Sector


Level 6 Level 6

CU6051 Artificial Intelligence
GI6064 African Politics
GI6065 Latin American Politics
MA6051 Mathematics of Infinity
MN6W50 Creating a Winning Business 2
SC6051 Serious and Serial Offenders
SS6063 Religion and the State


CC6051 Ethical Hacking
GI6061 Modern British Politics
MN6W50 Creating a Winning Business 2
SC6052 Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
SS6054 Human Rights and Conflict
SS6058 Housing Issues & Housing Solutions
SS6063 Religion and the State
SS6073 Sport, Education and Society
TR6K50 Interpreti​ng Skills